Alfa Romeo GTA leggera e vincente



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Alfa Romeo GTA “leggera” e vincente.

Born mid-way through the Sixties, the Alfa Romeo Giulia GT successfully inherited the legacy of the Giulietta Sprint. Until its presentation, the company’s top management at Arese, near Milan, also considered a version suited to racing, which could bring back glorious days gone by. The car became the GTA – the “A” for “alleggerita” or lightened – a car that immediately transformed itself into the one to beat, able to dictate the law on all the circuits of the world and win everything there was to win until the mid-Seventies.That fascinating and unrepeatable story is told by Maurizio Tabucchi, one of the leading Alfa Romeo authorities who, through a precise and thoroughly accurate text, reconstructs the technical and sporting history of this unforgettable Alfa Romeo. The book is illustrated by invaluable and often previously unpublished archive pictures.

Italiaans, hardcover, 2009, 240 pagina’s, Maurizio Tabucchi.

ISBN 9788879114707.

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