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Alfa Romeo Alfasud.


We have been building up our coverage of Alfa Romeo models since 1981 when we published the Guilia Spider book. We continued with the Guilias a few years later this time turning to the coupes and then the Berlinettas. We receive a great deal of support, help and dare we say harassment from Alfa enthusiasts who are of the opinion that we do not devote enough of our efforts to coverting the models from this prestigous Italian manufacturer. As we can stand anything but criticism we have grasped the nettle and are covering the Alfetta coupes as well as the Alfasud. It is not necessary here to list the virtues of the Alfasuds they have been well documented by more worth writers than myself within these covers of this book.


Amongst the range of articles in this book are road tests, model intros and buying secondhand.

Models included are 1186cc, Ti, 1286cc Sprint, 5M, 1300Ti, 1490Ti, 1490 Sprint, 1.4 Super, 1.5 Sprint Veloce,

1.5 Super, Series III, Ti 1.5 Veloce, 1.5 Hatchback & Sprint Trophy.


Engelstalig, softcover, 100 pagina’s.

ISBN 1870642074.

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