Abarth the Scorpions tale 1949 – 1972, volume 1+2 / Abarth La Storia dello Scorpione



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Abarth the Scorpion’s Tale (1949-1972) / Abarth La Storia dello Scorpione.

De bijbel over alle Abarth modellen uit de periode 1949-1972, gelimiteerde oplage van 1000!

In deze bijbel vooral veel informatie uit de archieven van Fiat. Met uniek materiaal zoals unieke foto’s, technische tekeningen, technische informatie en unieke foto’s uit diverse andere archieven waardoor een prachtig naslagwerk is ontstaan.

Not to be missed work: only 1000 copies, the history of the brand Abarth enclosed in two volumes, 1000 pages, all in an elegant box with carbon color plot.

This set of books contains the collection of documents brought together by Sergio Seccatore, the technical designer who helped to make Abarth a prestigious marque of worldwide renown. It has unique historical value and represents the culmination of a long and painstaking research effort. Through the period photographs, brochures and technical drawings runs the story of an automobile firm which played a leading role in car innovation and brought Italy great prestige in international racing. Among the wealth of original documents are unpublished interviews, personal reminiscences and internal correspondence which succeed in recreating the climate of Abarth of those years: the fresh ink of the drawings, the smell of oil and paints, the gleam of polished bodywork, the smoky haze of the workshops and the roar of engines being tested, as well as the expertise and genius of those who made it an unforgettable name. These pages seek to commemorate the soul of each car model, leaving each to tell its own story. Together they weave an extraordinary account of dedication and the modus operandi which have left their mark on the designs and technical characteristics of the vehicles.

Gebruikte boeken in zeer goede en nette staat, slipcase heeft wat schade opgelopen, boeken verkeren in uitstekende staat.

English / Italian, hardcover with slipcase, 2015, 1058 pages, Sergio Seccatore, Registro Fiat Italiano.

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