Abarth all the Cars



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Abarth all the Cars.

Zeer uitgebreid overzicht van alle Abarth cars vanaf 1950, Abarth 204A t/m de huidige Abarth 500 (2008). Het zijn niet alleen de road cars die worden beschreven maar alle ooit door Abarth gemaakte modellen, zo ook de Rally en Race cars. Voorzien van vele gedetailleerde foto’s in zowel zwart-wit (187) als kleur (112).

There are names alone express concepts, lifestyles and ways of being better than any explanation.
Abarth one of these, and not just a belief shared by experienced writers or journalists. In the case of the Abarth brand, perceived by fans as a synonym for performance, sprint, brain agility and emotions, confirmation came from research conducted on a large scale by the Fiat group before deciding the revival, in grand style, the Scorpion brand. In a situation so favorable, with the new Abarth returning on the streets well decided to Sting, could not miss this book that aims to reconstruct the stages that led to the birth of a myth.
The discussion, model by model, is based on simple and effective descriptions, supported by d time images in black and white and in color.
Is cos reconstructed the leitmotif which animated Carlo Abarth and led him to create something unique in the world of cars, at the cost of sacrifices, failures and disappointments, as the numerous off-set of the first years of activity.
A history of cars able to unleash passions.

Engels, softcover, 2009, 192 pagina’s, Elvio Deganello, Arturo Rizzoli.

ISBN 9788879114646.

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