A life with HWM



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A life with HWM from Aston to Facel Vega.


Fred Hobbs evokes the spirit of earlier, less hurried times by recalling his motoring in hte Twenties and Thirties.

He joined HWM (HW Motors) after the war in 1946 and his personal experiences there at the home of the HWM Racing 

and Sports Racing Cars were with motoring exotica including Alfa Romeo, Alta, ASton Martin, MG, Riley and

a host of other throughbreds.

Later Fred was closely involved in the importation of the Facel Vega and Iso Rivolta cars while continuing a lifelong

love affair with Jaguar and Bentley.


English, hardcover, 203 page’s, 1990, blach-with pictures, used book in very good condition.

ISBN 0854297189.

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