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1967: Chris Amon, Scuderia Ferrari and a Year of Living Dangerously


Almost half a century later, the year 1967 still brings to mind a flood of vivid events and images, from war in Vietnam and the Middle East to the Summer of Love in San Francisco.

In motor racing, Formula One had never been more glamorous, thanks to charismatic drivers like Jim Clark and movies like the previous year s Cinerama epic Grand Prix. But the sport was also at its most dangerous, with cars reaching unprecedented speeds on circuits with only rudimentary safety precautions.


Now a new book from David Bull Publishing looks back at this unique period in motorsport. In 1967: Chris Amon, Scuderia Ferrari and a Year of Living Dangerously, author John Julian takes a fresh look at one of racing s most memorable years through the eyes of Chris Amon, the young New Zealander who had just joined the Ferrari team. For Amon, 1967 began with victory at the Daytona 24 Hours, but soon turned tragic with the death of teammate Lorenzo Bandini at Monaco. At Spa, another spectacular accident put Mike Parkes out of action with two broken legs, and prompted Ludovico Scarfiotti to quit the Ferrari team. That left Amon to fight alone until the last race in Mexico, scoring four third places and finishing fourth in the Drivers Championship.


Amon has long been a favorite of true racing enthusiasts. While he s often noted for his hard luck, in a thirteen-year F1 career he never won a championship Grand Prix, among knowledgeable fans and fellow drivers he is still universally respected for his speed, skill, and sportsmanship on the track. Away from it, Amon s quick wit and easygoing demeanor made him popular with the media and later a mentor to younger drivers and newcomers to the sport. While Amon and Ferrari take center stage, 1967 also looks at the other drivers, teams and events that shaped the campaign for the championship. The book includes observations and memories from such leading drivers as John Surtees and Dan Gurney, as well as informed insiders like Amon s countryman Howden Ganley, Enzo Ferrari s assistant Brenda Vernor, and Grand Prix star Eva Marie Saint. It also goes beyond Amon s time with Ferrari, covering both his early years with the Cooper and Parnell teams, his 1966 victory at Le Mans with Bruce McLaren, and his later career with March and Matra. John Julian s vibrant prose and extended quotes from key characters in the story make 1967 a fast-paced read, with a wealth of photographs adding atmosphere and excitement. And while the book includes enough detail to satisfy the most serious fan, it also offers a wider view of a bygone era by noting other events in the news, popular songs of the day, and local details about each major race.


English, hardcover, 120 pages, 2013.

ISBN 9781935007241.

ISBN 1935007246.

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