101 Brockbank Cartoons



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101 Brockbank Cartoons.

This work includes a foreword by Quentin Blake. Motoring enthusiasts need no introduction to Russell Brockbank’s incomparable cartoons, which were enormously popular in the fifties, sixties and seventies but have been rarely published since his death in 1979. Now the best of his work has been collected together in an inexpensive, landscape-format paperback that will introduce his humour and draughtsmanship to new generations of enthusiasts as well as stir nostalgia among long-time devotees. This book will be an ideal Christmas gift for any motoring-minded father, husband or boyfriend.

Gebruikt boek in goede en nette staat.

Engels, paperback, 2008, 112 pagina’s, Citron Press√©.

ISBN 9781844256471.

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