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Tazio Magazine Issue 1, 2, 3 and 4 English Edition


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The first 4 issues from Tazio Magazine.

Tazio Magazine Issue 1 – Autumn 2021
ENGLISH edition, 152 pages.


  • Tazio’s greatest race (German GP 1935),
  • Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa ENB (1958),
  • Niki Lauda’s Mercedes 190 (1984),
  • 100 years of Avus,
  • Tom Kristensen on his career,
  • Lancia 037 uncovered and we drive an MG Metro 6R4.

Tazio Magazine Issue 2 – Winter 2021
ENGLISH edition, 160 pages.

Inside: Portugal 1986, the day Group B ran out of road. We bring back that Ford RS200 to that special stage and analyse the whole story. How could it go wrong… and what’s it like driving a Group B? All the answers in Tazio 2.

  • Porsche 911 GT2 ‘Harlekin’
  • Klaus Ludwig on Le Mans
  • The Cuban Mercedes 300 SL
  • Monaco GP 1933
  • How Zagato met Ferrari

Tazio Magazine Issue 3 – Spring 2022
ENGLISH edition, 160 pages.

Inside Tazio number 3;

  • Gilles Villeneuve’s last day, the testimonies
  • Driving Jack’s first F1, the Brabham BT3 (1962)
  • Walter Brun on his glory years and his darkest days
  • Bob Tullius talks us through Group 44
  • We drive the most original Maserati 200SI (1955)
  • In the woods with Leo Kinnunen’s Volkswagen Beetle
  • Tazio Nuvolari’s private photo archive
  • An interview with John Fitzpatrick
  • All you need to know on 2-litre Porsche 911s
  • and of course columns from Hurley Heywood, Steve Soper and Christian Geistdörfer

Tazio Magazine Issue 4 – Summer 2022
ENGLISH edition, 160 pages.

Inside Tazio number 4:

  • Dodge Viper GTS-R versus Chevrolet Corvette C5-R. We look back on GT-racing’s greatest fight in the 2000 ALMS season… and we drive the cars.
  • Walter Röhrl turned 75 in March. We asked our columnist Christian Geistdörfer to write up a very personal portrait.
  • AC Cobra 260. This was the car students used at the Carroll Shelby School of High Performance Driving at Riverside. Now, the car accepts on more student on board; us.
  • Colin Chapman’s was Lotus’ genius designer. Chapman’s career as a racing driver is less well-known. We set that right.
  • A detailed look at the Ford Escort RS1700T, Ford’s first Group B project that was canned at the last minute. “It could have changed my career,” says M-Sport’s Malcolm Wilson, who was signed up to drive it in the WRC in 1983.
  • Skoda had the 1100 OHC ready to go to Le Mans in 1958. And then the Iron Curtain came down hard in Eastern Europe. We discover a gem that could have made life difficult for Lotus and Tojeiro.
  • Tazio and Achille, friends off track, bitter rivals behind the wheel. We take an in-depth look at racing’s greatest rivalry that started on two wheels and continued on four wheels. For fifteen years, Tazio Nuvolari and Achille Varzi crossed swords on the race tracks.
  • Hurley Haywood on Walter Röhrl, Steve Soper on Bathurst, Christian Geistdörfer on the Bandama rally in 1982 and Mike ‘Rocky’ Rockenfeller looks back on the highs and lows in his career with Audi Sport.
  • And so much more.

ISSN Number 2795-6970.

EAN 9772795697000.

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