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Tazio Magazine Issue 11 – Summer 2024, Le Mans Special Officially licensed 24H Le Mans product.

ENGLISH edition, 160 pages.


  • TWR-Jaguar XJR-12. Over 7-litre lung capacity, V12, no turbo, just massive power and torque. It was enough to win Le Mans in 1990. With a rule change handicapping it, the XJR-12 came close to repeating its winning performance. If it wasn’t for a smarter Japanese competitor. We take to the track in chassis 990, the car that came second in 1991. In many ways, it was a goodbye to Group C as it was in the eighties.
  • Chasing Matra’s ghost. Sixty years ago, Matra started car production. Fifty years ago, Matra withdrew from racing, its ten-year competition program brought it a Formula 1 world title and three outright Le Mans wins. We go to Romorantin, in search of the Matra spirit.
  • 25 Years ago, Audi arrived at Le Mans with two prototypes, the closed R8C and the open R8R. From that evolved the Audi R8, Ingolstadt’s most successful prototype. Tom Kristensen, Allan McNish, Wolfgang Ullrich and Tony Southgate explain.
  • Another major anniversary: 60 years ago, Ford came to Le Mans to give Ferrari hell with its GT40. Things did not go as Ford’s executives had hoped.
  • We are not done with the anniversaries yet. It’s a quarter of a century Porsche came to Le Mans with a 911 that had the purists gasping for air. The fully watercooled Porsche 996 GT3 R would not be permitted one misstep. It didn’t. Roland Kussmaul takes us through the development of this landmark 911.
  • Last year’s Hendrick Motorsports Garage 56 NASCAR entry was a fan favourite. But this wasn’t NASCAR’s first try at La Sarthe glory. With Hershel McGriff, we look at NASCAR’s first visit to the La Sarthe circuit in 1976.
  • The magic of rain at Le Mans, a photographic portrait – or rather an aquarelle – courtesy of Revs Institute.
  • In 2000, the ambitious Racing for Holland program was about to get underway with the new Dome-Judd prototype, when the main sponsor deal fell apart. When Jan Lammers’ eye caught sight of an impressionist painting, a novel idea started to take form. He tells us all about it.
    Kurt Ahrens reminisces about his years with the Porsche 917 at Le Mans.
  • In the first episode of a new series, Peter Stevens talks Le Mans colours, from the days of national liveries to the times when main sponsors took over. And of course, his own work on Richard Lloyd’s Canon Porsche 956.
  • And of course, the regular columns from Hurley Haywood, Steve Soper and Christian Geistdörfer.

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