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Supercars Ferrari 288 GTO.

While 1984 was hardly an easy year for the Maranello marque in Formula 1, the same could not be said for the production side of the business, with the compelling return of two of the most iconic and evocative names in the history of the Prancing Horse: Testarossa and GTO, Ferrari’s new grand tourer, the latest evolution of the long-lived and glorious family of eight-cylinder cars, which appeared at the Geneva Motor Show that year. The 288 GTO – to give the new model its full name – was the legitimate offspring of the 308 GTB Speciale prototype prepared by Pininfarina in 1977, in other words, a “pumped” 308 with an even more muscular body and powered by a 2.8-litre V8 capable of producing around 400 hp for a top speed of just over 300 kph. Following the F40 and the Testarossa, another of the Prancing Horse’s supercars enters has been portrayed in a monograph that traces its technical and stylistic genesis with the collaboration of several of those responsible for the model’s creation.

Engels, Hardcover, 2024, 168 pagina’s, Gaetano Derosa. Giorgio Nada editore.

ISBN 9788879119375.

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