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Scuderia Filipinetti


Initiated by the Swiss journalist Henri-François Berchet, l’Equipe Nationale Suisse was founded in Geneva in early 1962 to support the young Swiss driver Jo Siffert. Soon the team was renamed after its founder: Georges Filipinetti. From that day on, the red and white racing cars – and sports cars in particular – ran all over the world; both in the Swiss national and FIA International championships. For ten years, until the day Georges Filipinetti died in 1973, the team entered the best racings, which were driven by the best drivers of that era. Jim Clark, Joachim Bonnier, Phil Hill, Ronnie Peterson, Nino Vacarella just to name a few. In the Sixties and early-Seventies, private teams, like Scuderia Filipinetti, played a major role in motorsports. A year before Georges Filipinetti died, sponsorships became a key part in racing worldwide and eventually killed the amateur status of racing. Almost thirty years later the team ended its operations, we look back at one of the best periods of motor racing.


Engelstalig, hardcover, 2002, 318 pagina’s, Ed Heuvink,

voorzien van prachtig zwart-wit fotografie en zeer goed gedetailleerd.

ISBN 2847070168

EAN 9782847070163.

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