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Reliant Three-Wheelers, the complete story.

Despite a reputation for being eccentric and dangerous, Reliant three-wheelers are ever-present in the classic car scene and are now seen as icons of British popular culture. Reliant Three-Wheelers – The Complete Story charts the development of these much-loved cars from 1935 onwards.

Contents include:Â

– Origins of Reliant and the girder fork Light Delivery Van in the 1930s

– Post-war passenger cars and the groundbreaking fibreglass body of the Mark 3 Regal

– Development and production of the Regal, Robin, Bond Bug and Rialto

– Reliant under new ownership and the redesigned BN Robins

– Reliant three-wheelers in popular culture

– The Reliant Owners’ Club

Engels, hardcover, 2015, 176 pagina’s, John Wilson-Hall.

ISBN 9781847978066.

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