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Range Rover.

When the Range Rover was launched in 1970 it immediately drew attention. Its elegant but practical design mixed with exceptional off-road handling, as well as comfort on metalled roads, seemed to introduce a whole new way of driving. The Louvre museum in Paris exhibited it as a model of industrial design. Fifty years later, the Range Rover continues to be in demand.

In this comprehensive book, Rover expert James Taylor covers all of the Range Rover models from the 1970s ‘classic’ to the fifth generation Range Rover of today. The book covers the remarkable engineering achievements of Land Rover in developing a vehicle just as at home on rugged hillsides as it was on the streets of Chelsea. He follows the developments that made the Range Rover ever more in demand as a luxury status symbol.

Engels, paperback, 2022, 96 pagina’s, James Taylor.

ISBN 9781398113350.

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