Original Porsche 356 (reissue), The Restorer’s Guide 1950-1965


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Original Porsche 356 (reissue), The Restorer’s Guide to all Coupé, Cabriolet, Roadster and Speedster models 1950-65.

Now re-published after many years out of print, this classic study of the immortal Porsche 356 provides detailed, authentic information on the evolution of the range, including not only the coupé and cabriolet that were produced throughout the 356’s life, but also the glamorous Speedster and and the high-performance Carrera. Correct original specifications, equipment and finishes are pinned down, and 18 outstanding examples of the cars are featured in 200 specially commissioned colour photographs.

An attractive and detailed guide to one of the world’s most appealing sport cars, Original Porsche 356 is indispensable for all owners, restorers, buyers and enthusiasts. This book aims to reveal, in words and colour pictures, how the 356 altered through 16 years of production.Accompanying the text are 200 photographs showing all the significant changes in 356 specification.

For Porsche purists, the 356 is the classic model from this distinguished marque. With its Volkswagen-derived layout of an air-cooled engine mounted at the rear, the 356 began a remarkable bloodline that survives to the present day in the form of the evergreen 911. Its historical significance is undoubted, but the 356 is also a car with special virtues – distinctive styling, first-class engineering, functional design and tremendous driver appeal.

Through four distinct model phases – `Pre-A’, A, B and C – the 356 evolved in a smooth progression, with numerous specification improvements that steadily improved the car without changing the essence of its personality.

Engels, hardcover, 2018, 112 pagina’s, Laurence Meredith.

ISBN 9781906133849.


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