Morgan Ultimate Portfolio 1991-2009


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Morgan Ultimate Portfolio 1991-2009, Models: Plus 8. 4/4. +4. Roadster. Lightweight. 4 Seater. Lifecar. Aero 8. Aeromax. Aero America.

At Morgan 150 people now make 700 new cars a year and we all say we are Driven at Heart. Enthusiasm both inside and outside the business now encourages change and the last 20 years has seen the rejuvenation of a traditional company. The mainstay of the company remains the classic Morgan which is now available as a Four Four 1.6 litre, Plus Four 2.0 litre and the Roadster V6 3 litre.

The company took a big risk with the Aero Eight and has entered the world of luxury sports cars with the AeroMax. The Aero is a sports car that can be sold throughout the world. Its specification includes safety features such as electronic airbags and ABS and it can now be specified with an automatic or manual gearbox.

Special to Morgan is the family environment in the workplace and amongst the customers. At Morgan the aim is to make the making and the owning of a car fun and exciting. Morgan sports cars are made by real people with all the skill of British craftsmanship These skills are passed down through the generations and enhanced by innovative technologies such as superforming aluminium and laminating hardwood. In Malvern you can come and watch your actual car being constructed from these sophisticated components. The raw materials are sustainable, non synthetic, natural and tactile. Aluminium, wood and leather feel good to touch and become dignified with age. Morgan owners often keep a car for life and, if not, a Morgan probably holds its value better than any other make of car!

In 2008 perhaps there are two sorts of luxury. There is luxury marketing and authentic luxury. An authentic luxury product is made by skilled people as well as designed by skilled people. The interior of a Morgan can be specified from 60 different leather hides and there is a choice of 50,000 exterior paint colours. An authentic luxury product is often a classic of its type.

The company is cautiously expanding and extending its range of cars. But certain things remain special about all Morgans. The view down the long bonnet across the louvers and the distinctive inverted S of the side profile of a Morgan remain. The Morgan is the only car shape distinctive enough to be registered as a trademark!

Driving by the seat of your pants, is also a feature of every Morgan. A trip in a Morgan is not to travel from A to B but to make the journey itself an adventure. What makes a Morgan such fun to drive is a combination of light weight and balance. Morgans have always been good on a race track but light weight also spells economy and low pollution. The current Morgan Four Four does 45 miles to the gallon and emits less than 140 gms CO2/km. The sum total is that all Morgans are lean, green and really fun to drive.

Models covered: the Plus 8 with 3.9 & 4.6 engines, the 4/4 and 4 seater, V6 Roadster, Lightweight, GTN, Aero 8, AeroMax, Aero America & the LIFECar.

Engels, softcover, 2009, 188 pagina’s, Brooklands Books.

ISBN 9781855208414.

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