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Mini Moke Ultimate Portfolio.

Overzicht van diverse autotesten uitgevoerd door de Engels automagazines.

The Mini Moke has to be one of the most unusual vehicles ever produced by the British motor industry. A military jeep that became a symbol of fashion, it has a fascinating history. A jack of all-trades, the Moke’s versatility has thrown it into many different spheres. Not quite a Land Rover, yet it will happily tackle fields hills and green lanes. Not quite a sports car, but you can still drive along with the wind in your hair enjoying the sensation of speed. Not quite a truck, but Mokes have carried some pretty peculiar loads in their time. And if it rains, well that is all part of the fun! The little donkey (moke n (origin unknown) 1 slang Brit: Donkey 2 slang Austral: Nag) has been kicked in the teeth many times, but it has always bounced back. It was to its credit that this endearing little vehicle was in production for almost 30 years. It is loved by its owners and supported by Clubs around the world, dedicated to both the preservation and the use for all its designed purposes. In this book you will find articles showing the many facets of the Moke and chronicling its remarkable history from its origins at the drawing boards of Sir Alec Issigonis at BMC’s Longbridge works in England, through its Australian and Portuguese years to its final demise at Cagiva of Italy. On the way we shall stop to examine the Twini, the Californian, and the sports car that never quite was.

Engels, softcover, 2005, 208 pagina’s, Brooklands Books.

ISBN 185520690.

EAN 9781855206908.

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