Land Rover series II, IIA and III maintenance


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Land Rover series II, IIA and III maintenance and upgrades manual.


Based on real-life experience and written by expert authors, the books in the Maintenance and Upgrades Manual series from Crowood will help owners develop the workshop skills needed for the maintenance and repair of their cars, and give guidance on possibilities for improvements and upgrades to performance. With step-by-step instructions and safety information throughout, this book is a valuable technical resource for owners of Series II, IIA and III Land Rovers.

The book covers: 

Choosing and buying a Series Land Rover

Maintenance and service procedures

Detailed guides for repair and maintenance of each of the car’s systems, including brakes, steering and suspension, engine, clutch and transmission, axles, hubs and propshafts, and electrical systems

Repairing and preventing corrosion

Upgrades for reliability, comfort, performance and off-roading

Rebuilding a Series Land Rover: things to know before you take on a project car


English, hardcover, 144 pages, 2016, Richard Hall.

ISBN 9781785001352.

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