LaFerrari dynamic art. Ediz. italiana, La Ferrari


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La Ferrari dynamic art. Ediz. italiana.

What process behind the pursuit of the sports car?
This book reveals the work that led to the creation of the new supercar LaFerrari, a model whose name announces its ambitions.
Through the stories of the protagonists who worked on the project and the new images of its genesis, this book is a journey to discover the passion of the method and of Italian from which arises a true masterpiece on four wheels.
The comparison with the progenitor, the first style sketches, models in clay, the research in the wind tunnel, the studies for the cabin ergonomics, vehicle dynamics, perfection gearbox and brakes, are revealed here in a succession of images, and projects.
Furthermore, the development of the HY-KERS technology, thanks to the contribution of racing in Formula 1, allows to know one of the most advanced frontiers in the world of sports cars intended for the road.

Gebruikt boek in zeer goede en nette staat.

Italiaans, paperback, 2013, 156 pagina’s, Gentili Moreno.

ISBN 9788857219424

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Afmetingen 24 × 24 × 1,8 cm