Jaguar XJ220, The Inside Story



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Jaguar XJ220 The Inside Story.


Het verhaal over de supercar van Jaguar uit 1988, van showconcept tot snelweg monster.


The Jaguar XJ220, the fastest, most exciting and most expensive road-going Jaguar ever built, evolved from Jim Randle’s sensuously-shaped 1988 UK Motor Show concept car. Named for its targeted top speed, the XJ220 was developed between 1989 and 1994. Just 350 limited edition cars were to have been built by JaguarSport, the Jaguar/Tom Walkinshaw TWR joint venture. Going on sale each with a £360,000 price tag and requiring a £50,000 non-returnable deposit from each purchaser, the XJ220 attracted celebrities, speculators, and the mega-wealthy. It was over-subscribed four times in just one day! This inside story is an historically accurate account of the project from the Project Manager himself. Having recruited a talented team from motor sport and production car industries, a factory was developed in Bloxham, Oxfordshire. Working closely with Jaguar Design, TWR Group companies and specialist suppliers, the XJ220 team re-designed, built, tested, manufactured and marketed Jaguarís ultimate road car. Featuring over 200 photographs, many previously unpublished, showing the concept and production cars in all stages of development, with glamour shots and historical photos of Jaguar sports/racing cars, this book is a must for Jaguar enthusiasts.


Engelstalig, hardcover, 160 pagina’s, 2010, Mike Moreton.

ISBN 9781845842505.


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