Jaguar XJ-S The Complete Story


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Jaguar XJ-S The Complete Story.

James Taylor remembers very well the disappointment among his petrol-head friends when the XJ-S was announced in 1975. It was not a replacement for the legendary E-type; its colours were uninspired; and its interior was drab. All credit, then, to those people at Jaguar who truly believed in the car and, over a period of nearly 20 years, turned the ugly duckling into a swan. From the moment the XJ-S HE arrived in 1981, there seemed to be renewed hope, and from then on, the car went from strength to strength to become the much-admired grand tourer it always should have been.

The book contains:

  • A timeline of the key events in the history of the XJ-S
  • An overview of the evolution of the XJ-S from the XJ27 prototype
  • Highly detailed chapters containing production figures, paint and trim options by year and technical specifications
  • A chapter on buying and owning an XJ-S
  • Appendices covering identification/serial numbers, UK showroom prices through the years and sales in the US by year

Engels, hardcover, 2019, 176 pagina’s, James Taylor.

ISBN 9781785005831.

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