Jaguar F-Type The Complete Story



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Jaguar F-Type, The Complete Story.

This book tells the fascinating, and sometimes frustrating, story of the journey from the iconic Jaguar E-type to its successor, the F-type.

With nearly 300 colour photographs it:

  • Documents the evolution of the F-type from the Pininfarina XJ Spider through Jaguar’s own XJ41/42, XX and XK180
  • Reviews the whole range of F-type convertible and coupe models
  • Discusses the wild Project 7 and the latest turbo-charged four-cylinder cars
  • Includes the special vehicles produced for Team Sky and Bloodhound SSC
  • Contains a useful chapter on buying an F-type
  • Considers the F-type’s future in a changing automotive world

Engels, hardcover, 2020, 192 pagina’s, Andrew Noakes.

ISBN 9781785007316.

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