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The Giannini company in Rome is absolutely unique on the Italian automotive scene: a story of passion, creativity and experience, from which a sporting and industrial tradition lasting more than a century has developed.

The company’s origins go back to 1917, and in 1920 the brothers Attilio and Domenico Giannini – who came from Amandola (AP) – opened a small mechanical repair shop in Vicolo della Fontana. In just a few years, the business gained a solid reputation, and was chosen by Itala for its service in Rome.

The book, published in 1994, is the result of the meticulous cataloguing carried out by the author, Enzo Altorio, of the entire Giannini archive, and an impressive number of contacts with all those involved in the long history of the Roman company.

There is no moment in Giannini’s history that this research fails to analyse, from the preparations of the 1920s to those on the Topolino, from the G1 single-shaft to the G2 twin-shaft, from the Giaur to the Alba-Giannini Group C 2, passing of course through the twin-cylinder cars (500 TV, 590 GT, 650 NP, 126 GP, etc.), the 128, the Ritmo, the Uno up to the Drago.

The chronology of production models is extremely complete, with 62 pages of information sheets on every technical feature of Giannini cars.

The photographic material is also remarkable and for the most part previously unpublished, with 560 images (including 73 in colour).

Gebruikt boek in goede en nette staat, slipcase heeft door de jaren heen wat slijtage opgelopen, boek zelf is in erg goede conditie.

Engels, hardcover met slipcase, 1994, 368 pagina’s, Enzo Altorio.

ISBN 8886304021.

EAN 9788886304023.

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