Fiat 500 fuoriserie – seconda edizione



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Fiat 500 fuoriserie – seconda edizione.

Updated and expanded second edition of a “classic” by Alessandro Sannia.
The most beloved of Italian cars, seen in a different light than usual: many fanciful creations, strange, brilliant, more or less well managed, coachbuilders works, artisans and small manufacturers. By Abarth until Zagato, a rundown on race cars, trucks, SUVs and convertibles, all for the small Fiat twin-cylinder base. As evidence of the validity of this car are really works of all kinds. This book examines, in fact, single-seater Formula cars Monza to four-wheel-drive off-road, racing, processing sport bike for everyday, beach, cars and commercial vehicles.

Italiaans, paperback, 2010, 140 pagina’s, Alessandro Sannia, Il Cammello.

ISBN 9788896796016.

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