Coachwork on Derby Bentleys 1933 – 1940



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Coachwork on Derby Bentleys, 3½-litre, 4¼-litre & Mark V, 1933-1940.

In the 1930s, Bentley’s Derby factory supplied only chassis, without bodies, and customers for these refined, fast and enormously desirable cars would then select and turn to one of the many coachbuilders to design and construct a body for them to meet their tastes and requirements.

This book covers both British and overseas coachbuilders, and reviews the bodies they built on the 31/2-litre, 41/4-litre and Mk V Bentley chassis. Coachbuilders are dealt with in alphabetical order, with details of the different types of body they supplied – saloon, coupe, drophead, sports, sedanca, etc – and photographs showing the wide variety of their creations.

Bentley aficionados will particularly appreciate the inclusion of chassis numbers for all the cars bodied by all the coachbuilders, which makes this a truly definitive work.

Engels, hardcover, 2017, 199 pagina’s, James Taylor.

ISBN 9781906133757.

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