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Developed in the 1980s from the E30 saloon, the BMW M3 model drew on BMW’s involvement in motor sport and, with its widened body and chassis, upgraded engine delivering 200BHP and other improvements, it soon dominated touring car races. With the M3 now in its seventh iteration and more powerful than ever, with a six-cylinder engine delivering 450BHP, BMW M3 expert John Denny describes all the developments that have kept this exceptional car at the head of the pack. The book also charts the growing popularity of the car worldwide and the right-hand-drive versions produced for the UK market. This was a car that was just as much at home on the racetrack as it was on a family trip to the supermarket. Drawing on his unrivalled experience of owning and restoring BMW M3 cars, John Denny has written an indispensable book for both classic and contemporary BMW M3 owners and all those interested in these superlative cars.

Engels, paperback, 2024, 96 pagina’s, John Denny. Amberley publishing.

ISBN 9781398118058.

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