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Alvis Speed Models In Detail.

Speed 20, Speed 25, 3½-Litre & 4.3.

A history, description and analysis of the Speed model family of cars made by Alvis Ltd 1932-40. These were and still are among the most desirable high-performance cars of their decade, and with their long, low build they inspired some of the most stylish coachwork of the era. In addition, they pioneered such major motor industry innovations as independent front suspension and an all-synchromesh gearbox. Starting with the Speed 20 of 1932, the author provides a highly detailed technical analysis of each model, covering every aspect of the chassis, running gear, engine and transmission, and going through the SA/SB/SC/SD Speed 20s, the 3 -litre, the Speed 25 and the ultimate expression of the marque, the 4.3. Each receives comprehensive treatment including information on differences from previous models, revisions, the range of bodies available from coachbuilders, performance and behaviour, and appearances in competition. There are also chapters on using the cars today and on the practicalities of ownership, with advice on parts availability, lubricants, maintenance and preservation. Illustrations include specially commissioned colour photography of five outstanding examples, along with archive photographs and Alvis publicity material.

Engels, hardcover, 2001 – 2012, 160 pagina’s, Nick walker.

ISBN 9780954106300.

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