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Alleggerita (English edition).
New and updated edition of Alleggerita by Tony Adriaensens, Patrick Dasse and Martin Übelher.

The box set includes three volumes with a total of 1456 pages:

Volume one, “Alleggerita”, is about the evolution of the GTA / GTAJ / GTAm and the race history of the cars, focusing on the European Touring Car Challenge in which Autodelta predominantly participated.

464 pages with 347 black and white photographs and 118 colour photographs.

Volume two, “Alleggerita – Technical documentation”, includes the complete homologation papers of the TZ / Giulia TI Super / GTA / GTJ / GTAJ / GTAm as well as the original Alfa Romeo documents in English detailing the technical characteristics of the GTA and the GTA 1300 Junior. In addition to this we have added many photos of the original parts for these cars.

464 pages with 708 colour photographs.

Volume three, “Alleggerita – Register”, is a register of known and confirmed GTA / GTJ / GTAJ / GTAm cars.

528 pages with 396 black and white photographs and 125 colour photographs.

The English edition is a limited edition of 3000 box sets. The book will be delivered numbered from 0001 to 3000. Books corresponding to edition numbers to the GTA / GTAJ / GTAm VIN numbers will be reserved for the owners of the cars!

Author: Tony Adriaensens, Patrick Dasse & Martin Übelher. Dingwort Verlag.

ISBN 9783871660658.

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