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Alfissimo, The postwar four cylinder twin-ovehead camshaft Alfa Romeos.

Alfa Romeos; 1900 – Giulietta – Giulia – Alfetta – new Giulietta.

Alfissimo! means simply, ‘superlative Alfa Romeo’ – ‘Alf(a) … and … issimo’, that suffix so common to many Italian adjectives. There’s no car quite like an Alfa Romeo, though even we would admit that they have their foibles. There is no denying their character and feel.

Alfissimo! tells the history of those most underwritten cars designed and built since the Second War using the company’s tradinional four cylinder twin-overhead camshaft engine, and carrying such famous names as Giulietta, Giulia and Alfetta.

The book starts with a Prologue which pockets the whole history of Alfa Romeo with special emphasis on how that all aluminium four cylinder engine came about, how it changed over the years and into which cars it was fitted. The scene is then set postwar for the company’s show but steady revival. There was the 1900 – Alfa’s first attempt at an everyday car in a ‘feast day’ manner. Then there was the beautiful, petite Giulietta in all its guises – Alfa first mass-produced sporting bolide in coupé, spider and saloon forms. Along came the Giulia; initially as that strange, boxy yet aerodynamic four-door soon to be followed by Bertone’s classic GT and Pininfarina’s spider. Through 1600, 1750 and 2000 capacities the Giulia ran with great acclaim.

Today we have the Alfetta and the ‘New’ Giulietta – two glorious names revived in two series of modern and stimulating cars; cars which still retain that special Alfa quality of feel.

Submerge in the full strength of Alfa Romeo’s charm – detailed model by model analysis, the full racing history, technical specifications, codings and production figures, personal experienced anecdotes, comparisons with the competition and over two hundred black and white photographs with eight pages of colour photographs complete the whole picture.

Gebruikt boek in zeer goede en nette staat.

Engels, hardcover, 1979, 311 pagina’s, David Owen, Osprey automotive book.

ISBN 0850453275.

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