Alfa Romeo Gli anni di Arese



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Alfa Romeo Gli anni di Arese. La fabbrica, gli uomini, le automobili.

Much has always been written and said about that historic and prestigious Italian marque Alfa Romeo: books, articles, treatises, research and more. But it is something else again to place one’s trust in an account of some of those who had really lived Alfa Romeo, gathering about 20 interviews right from the protagonists themselves. The speakers include technical directors Domenico Chirico, one of the fathers of the Alfasud, and Filippo Surace, departmental directors and managers, like Achille Moroni, Enrico Sala, Italo Rosa or Elvira Ruocco, who for many years ran the company’s documentation centre. The subject on which they speak in this virtual round table is Alfa Romeo in its Arese period. From the start of the ‘60s to the dawn of 2000. The subject is unravelled through the ‘years of terrorism’, the First Republic, the workers’ and unions’ battles, all of which characterise that unforgettable slice of Italy’s history. An invaluable portrait, never before published, illustrated with pictures from the company’s own archives.

Gebruikt boek in zeer goede en nette staat.

Italiaans, hardcover, 2010, 136 pagina’s, Danilo Moriero.

ISBN 9788879114950.

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