The Official Ferrari Magazine 19 (Yearbook 2012)



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The Official Ferrari Magazine Number 19 (Yearbook 2012).

Even if this is the 19th issue, as per tradition, the year-end Magazine is called Yearbook, following a line started by Enzo Ferrari. With its 280 pages, it presents all the most relevant facts of 2012, from the F12berlinetta to the Formula 1 season, until announcing the forthcoming Enzo’s “heir”.

There are many stories contained in it.

Among these, a touching memory of Sergio Pininfarina written by his latest Chief Designer Lorenzo Ramaciotti; the brilliant and unfortunate career of Alberto Ascari and the passionate compared analysis of the 12 cylinder-models with rear engine, personally drawn up by Engineer Felisa.

And also, the rally adventure, full of victories of the 308 GTB and an in-depth report on the Supercars: GTO, F40, F50 and Enzo.

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